The Kerala Movie Review: Worthy to watch

The Kerala Story is directed by Sudipto Sen.Sudipto Sen made his debut with a movie called The Last Monk in 2006.This movie is produced by Sunshine Pictures. Basic story of this movie is that  women of Kerala are converted in Islam and then they are join extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria forcefully. In this movie adah sharma, Yogita Bihani , Siddhi Idnani , Sonia Balani are acted.Music is given by Viresh Sreevalsa Bishakh Jyoti. This movie is based on real life incidents happening in Kerala.This movie is oppose by political parties. Because of this movies create hip in the audiance.some screens of movie are cut by sencer board.


In this movie we see the story of  four girls studied at nursing collage and  how their brainwashed and they converted into islam. And how they become the member of ISIS, how they reach Syria and Afghanistan.How an educated women are manipulated by other people are seen.The filmmakers, director Sudipto Sen and creative producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah are take good attempt to show such reality.

There is also a book written on this issue."The Kerala Story" by R. Prasannan is an intriguing book that narrates the history of the southern Indian state of Kerala, from its earliest days to the present. The author offers a comprehensive overview of the state's significant events, notable personalities, and cultural developments that have shaped Kerala over the centuries.

Prasannan's writing style is lucid and engaging, and he effectively simplifies complex historical events and concepts for easy comprehension. He covers various themes, including Kerala's ancient trade connections, the rise and fall of various kingdoms and empires, the impact of European colonialism, and modern political and social movements that have contributed to Kerala's unique identity.

The book's exploration of Kerala's social and cultural diversity is particularly fascinating. Prasannan delves into the state's numerous religious, linguistic, and ethnic communities, emphasizing their contributions to Kerala's rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, he scrutinizes Kerala's unique political landscape characterized by a strong tradition of leftist and progressive movements.

In conclusion, "The Kerala Story" is a captivating and informative book that provides a detailed and nuanced understanding of one of India's most intriguing and complex states. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Indian history, culture, and politics.

The Kerala Story Review 

Positive Points

Performance of Adah Sharma are very fantastic. She acted as you feel it.  Performance of other cast is also good.This movie is eye opener. This movie is based on topic such as love Jehad.This movie is must watch for what is currently happened in india about love Jehad.Character developement are very good and you feel connected with them.BGM are also good and match with scenes.

This movie's screen play are very engaging that you don't feel boring or not connected.At some point you will recall the kashmir files movie. Climax is very emotional.In direction work director performance very well.Movie left you some questions about current activity of love Jehad. Storyline runs between past and present.This method of story telling are very interesting.seen.Kerala is highly educated states of India.

Negative Points

Movie claim the 32,000 women are converted in Islam, but this number are very controversial. This number are highly exaggerated and misleading to audiance. Director also accept that the number is very High,but he also point out that issue of conversation is more important.This is how they manipulate audiance.Their are some interesting scene are also 


Every body should see this movie with their family because this shows current position of love Jehad in india.How girls are seperated from their family.This movie works as alarm to aware about what happens around us.

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