ponniyin selvan 2 (PS 2) Movie Review story

Kalki Krishnamurthy is the writer of Ponniyin Selvan novel , it is well known historical Tamil novel. Ponniyin Selvan 2 is an upcoming Tamil historical drama film directed by Mani Ratnam. The film is produced by Ratnam , Madras Talkies and Lyca Productions,The movie is set during the 10th century in the Chola dynasty. The story revolves around the political power struggle for the Chola throne. These is complex characters with their own motivations and agendas.similarly part 1 this part 2 is also not for all types of audiences.

ponniyin selvan 2 (PS 2) Movie Review story

The first part of the Ponniyin Selvan film  was critically acclaimed and well-received by audiences, therefore second part is expected to match  up to the expectations of fans.


Movie Starts where first part ends.PS 2 gives the answer of questions of part 1. Such as how nandini and aditya karikalan's lovestory start.pandyas try to distroy chole vansh.why nandini hates chole vansh and adity karikalan

Star Cast

1) Chiyaan Vikram,
2) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,
3) Jayam Ravi,
4) Karthi,
5) Trisha Krishnan,
6) Aishwarya Lekshmi,
7) Vikram ,
8) Karthi , 
9) Sobhita Dhulipala,
10) Sara Arjun,
11) Arjun Chidambaram,
12)Ashwin Kakumanu,
13) Prakash Raj,
14) Shyam Fernando, 
15) Rahman,
16) Babu Antony.

ponniyin selvan 2 (PS 2) Movie Review story

Positive Points

Screen presence of Chiyaan Vikram and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are so good.There scene are very interesting. First half's main point is it's interval scene. In interval scene Jayam ravi's performance are so nice and their expression are matched with sence.
The Drama is more engaging than First part of this movie.There are many twist in the movie which will engage you and you won't fell boring.Movies music is decent. It is not so good or not so bad,but music also work for the scenes.In second part Aishwarya Rai Bachchan perform two roles. First role is nandini and second role is his mother.
Nandini hates most of people and wanted to take revenge and his mother's character is quite opposite.Second part also give the answer the question of first part.karthi's portion is short but his performance are fabulous.performance of Jayam Ravi as chola prince are commendable.

Production work are good,which shows on set, in character's costumes.This will give you great experience if you watch this movie on IMAX. Part 2 is better than PS Part 1.

Negative Point

As first part run slow pace similarly second part also run with slow pace.This is the main reason where audiance fell discounted and boring.as we all know that movie is based on novel so director has make some changes in story to make story interesting.If you are interested in history and realistic adoption of movie than you may like movie.Action scenes are not work properly.Action scenes are may also disappointed for whom who wanted action packed scenes.

As Raja mouli said PS story should made as series rather than movie.In this movie side character's role are important but they are not developed properly.

Other cast like Trisha Krishnan,Sobhita Dhulipala, Sara Arjun,Arjun Chidambaram,Ashwin Kakumanu,Prakash Raj are good , they justified their role in this movie.

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